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Welcome to Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance Consultants Inc. (OPC) has moved offices.

Please note our new contact information:
25 Malcolm Road, Suite 605, Toronto, ON, M4G 0C1
Tel: 416-860-0002 | Fax:  416-860-0005

Accessibility Regulations

We help businesses across North America understand and meet accessibility regulations. We offer education and training to help prepare your employees for an accessible work environment and for better customer service.

Achieving Optimal Performance

With our team of consultants, OPC can help your business enhance employee performance, develop a strong brand image and achieve best practices. Your business will attract new employees and customers, increase employee and customer loyalty and become an industry leader for workplace diversity.

Materials for Professional Wellbeing

You and your business can achieve professional wellbeing through proper ergonomic and accessibility practices. Proper tools and materials also support the wellbeing of your employees, your business and yourself.

Our Services

Our top-level standards, science-based approaches and objective solutions allow us to customize programs for your particular business. OPC specializes in a number services including:

• Ergonomic Services
• Accessibility Services
• Built Environment Accessibility Audits
• Educational Services
• AODA Compliance Services

What is AODA?

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is Ontario legislation setting specific standards for accessibility. AODA requires that all businesses across the province be accessible for all Ontarians by 2025. The Act aims to develop and enforce accessibility standards suitable for everyone with disabilities.

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