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Built Environment Accessibility Audits

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Built Environment Accessibility Audits

Incorporating ergonomic and accessible design into your building before you start design and construction will cut down on future costs. When redesigning to fit ergonomic and accessible requirements, our expert’s approval of interior design and architectural drawings before moving forward can ensure your implementation meets building code standards.

OPC specializes in reviewing your designs to ensure that they meet accessibility guidelines and standards. Both the built environment audit and wellbeing survey of people and space with an OPC consultant will ensure that the implementing of the design build move meets regulatory requirements.

We offer the following Built Environment Accessibility Audits:

Public Space Design Audits

We offer audits of public space to make sure your business is meeting the standards set by the AODA’s IASR Regulations. We base our audits on current standards, best practices and guidelines, which vary depending on the nature of the facility. OPC’s Public Space Design Audits direct the architect and interior designers to optimize the usability of accessible design.

Our consultants consider all disability types when conducting audits including:

  • Sensory disabilities
  • Cognitive disabilities
  • Mobility issues
  • Age-related disabilities

Contact OPC to learn more about our Public Space Design Audits.

Ontario Building Code Audit

The Ontario Building Code and the Ontario Building Code Act include accessibility regulations that vary depending on the type of facility. OPC helps you understand which building code and regulations apply to your new or renovation project. From washrooms and elevators to entrances and amenities, the Codes provides strict guidelines to create barrier-free environments across each jurisdiction. We make sure that your plans meet Building Codes standards for your particular project.

Contact OPC to set up a Built Environment Accessibility Audit.

Best Practice Built Environment Audits

Your business can be an industry leader when it comes to offering accessible built environments. If your organization is ready to take the next step in accessible workplace designs, employment and services, our team will work with you to introduce best practices. The benefits of introducing best practices include:

  • A stronger, more positive brand image
  • Access to a larger workforce
  • Access to a larger customer base
  • A head-start on future regulations
  • Higher employee wellbeing
  • Provide a more inclusive built environment

Contact OPC to set up a Best Practice Audit.

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