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What are Ergonomics and Accessibility

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Ergonomics is the science behind how individuals interact with their work environments. It involves understanding how this human/system interaction affects the health and wellbeing of your employees. An ergonomically fit workplace can lower the risk of injury and human error, increase productivity, and lower absenteeism.

Optimal Performance Consultants Inc. (OPC) helps your business assess your workplace, making recommendations to improve the ergonomics of your business’ work environment. These improvements can involve introducing ergonomically correct furniture and equipment, redesigning workspaces and introducing proper training for performing physical and mental tasks.

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Building an accessible workplace involves removing barriers for people with disabilities, increasing a company’s workforce access from 75 per cent to 95 per cent. OPC specializes in helping companies meet provincial and federal accessibility standards. We have years of experience developing accessibility programs and this allows our experts to work efficiently and effectively with businesses at different levels of accessibility compliance.

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We will work with your business and its employees to develop an accessibility plan that works best for your industry, your goals and your vision for the future of your business. Through unique assessments and science-based solutions, our team will provide proven methods for implementing specially designed technologies, equipment and workspaces.

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Ergonomics and accessibility for your company

With government standards for workplace accessibility a major focus now, businesses need guidance to ensure that they meet those standards and that their employees are working in safe, efficient and inclusive environments. OPC will help your business address ergonomic and accessibility issues – acknowledging individual employee needs, meeting government standards and keeping the future success of your business top-of-mind. Achieving optimal performance is a realistic goal with our help.

We help your business:

  • Enhance employee performance and efficiency
  • Raise productivity and lower costs by preventing accidents, human error and workrelated injuries
  • Guarantee short-term and long-term ROIs related to improved working environments
  • Develop a strong brand image
  • Gain access to an additional 20 per cent of the Canadian workforce
  • Achieve goals of becoming an industry leader through best practices

The best methods for the best results

With a strict internal Quality Assurance process in place, we guarantee that your business will get high-quality reports. Our evidence-based recommendations incorporate the most up-to-date and relevant ergonomic and accessibility guidelines.

OPC has an extensive network of ergonomic and human factors specialists as well as built environment auditors. The combined efforts of our management team and field consultants will help your business resolve issues, introduce standards and set attainable goals.

We will guide you through the entire process and will follow-up with your business to ensure that our solutions continue to provide desired results. People, environments and standards change – we’re here to help your business adapt and grow.

Our experience has shown us that the objective opinion of an expert third party is a powerful tool to help in workplace disagreements. Our consultants provide you with clear, completely objective, evidence-based recommendations and solutions. We will work with your business to realize ergonomic and accessibility goals and introduce strategies for the future.

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