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Accessibility Services

OPC is a leader in developing effective programs to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC) accessibility regulations. Our team of experts – including ergonomists, physiotherapists, interior designers and build code experts and inclusive Design IT/web consultants – works with your business to meet government standards and the accessibility needs of your employees. Learn more about accessibility.

Our Accessibility Services include:

AODA Customer Service Training

Companies are responsible for tracking their employees’ AODA training and OPC will assist your business with meeting AODA requirements. OPC’s AODA Customer Service Training includes customized presentations that reflect your business’ goals, values and brand. Our training sessions will provide your business with:

  • Increased company-wide knowledge of AODA regulations
  • Increased customer satisfaction and a positive brand image
  • Official certificates for employees who complete AODA Customer Service Training
  • Allows your employees a more diverse marketplace

Contact OPC to arrange an AODA Customer Services Training or e-learning session.

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations (IASR) Training

OPC provides expert training to meet Integrated Accessibility Standards regulations – accessibility standards for information and communications, employment, transportation and design of public spaces. This is mandatory training and businesses are required to keep track of employee completion. We customize our training sessions for each business so employees can easily understand and apply the materials. Our IASR Training will give your business:

  • A better understanding of IASR and the knowledge to apply this training to everyday operations
  • Customized materials to educate employees in an effective way
  • Official certificates for those who complete the training
  • A record of employees who successfully complete the training

Contact us to discuss a customized IASR Training for your business.

Services to Put Accessibility Regulations into Practice

Your business’ knowledge of AODA, ADA and the Human Rights Code is only the first step towards having an accessible workplace. You must put those regulations into practice and OPC offers services to help your company do this seamlessly. We offer the following:

  • Policy writing services – OPC will write accessibility policies customized for your company, following government regulations
  • Procedure writing and implementation services – OPC will develop accessibility procedures for your type of business and will introduce your employees to company-wide procedures
  • Policy and procedure review services – OPC will review your existing policies and procedures, providing feedback and expert recommendations to improve them

Ask us how we can help your company implement better accessibility standards.

Website Accessibility Audits

Organizations are required by law and now by best business practice to have accessible websites and technology as this is now predominantly the source of information for alternative ways of accessing organizations products and services both as customers and as internal clients, visitors and employees.

At Optimal Performance Consultants we work with your organization to achieve WCAG 2.0AA level accessibility AODA compliant by reviewing the external audit of the digital properties, make recommendations and create timelines identifying the steps involved in attaining compliance status.

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