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About OPC

Serving clients since 1991, OPC has addressed a variety of unique project requirements with ergonomic and accessibility expertise. OPC consultants implement effective ergonomic, accommodation and accessibility programs and policies. Our past and present partnerships with Fortune 500 corporations to medium size companies across North America are clear examples of our success.

Witnessing the number of employers unable to accommodate employees returning to work after suffering work-related injuries while working in the Rehabilitation Department of a large Toronto Hospital, Jane Sleeth, President of OPC, and her associates made it their mission to correct this preventable and costly trend. That blossomed into OPC, an ergonomic and accessibility consulting firm.

OPC has a deep understanding of corporate operations and strategic imperatives. Our high-quality consultants provide a variety of businesses – manufacturing and assembly, pharma and healthcare, banking and financial, law and consulting firms – with services that meet the unique needs of their specific industries. Customizing programs is how OPC stands out from the rest, offering services that work best for your business and your employees.

OPC understands shareholder requirements that all our clients must meet. We work closely with businesses to ensure programs meet these operational and profit related obligations. Working with OPC, our clients realize long-term and measureable benefits for ergonomic and accessible operations, as well as quality and risk management.

Optimal Performance Milestones

Working closely with clients, OPC has successfully:

  • Ensured new Chrysler vehicles can physically be built by assembly workers
  • Designed ABM’s that are user-friendly and intuitive for customers of all ability levels
  • Written ergonomic and AODA compliance policies, practices and procedures that reflect the brand and culture of the organization
  • Developed web-based and classroom style ergonomic and accessibility education programs which bring about measureable learning outcomes for attendees