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  • In need of an office ergonomic assessment?
  • Looking for someone to develop and deliver ergonomic training sessions for your employees?
  • Hoping to train your engineering staff to be better able to identify ergonomic hazards out on the plant floor?
  • Requiring an inventory or update of your Job Demands Analysis?

Optimal Performance has been building its network of high quality, certified consultants with the intention of providing the best possible service to our clients. Our ability to centrally process requests from all over the country and our internal Quality Assurance process ensures that all documents with meet our internal Gold Standards, prior to being released to our clients.

Your reports will contain evidence based recommendations that reference and incorporate the most up to date and relevant ergonomic guidelines.  The Optimal Performance Ergonomic Hazard Identification System© and the Job Demand Analysis has been academically validated at the University of Windsor and through the WCB in BC.  On occasion, our consultants have needed to defend both their qualifications and recommendations in cases of mediation, arbitration and when involved in Ministry of Labour Stage II work refusals. In all cases, our consultants have been deemed – ‘competent professionals’ and have successfully defended their work.

Legislation, regulation – too much information!

Optimal Performance is committed to staying as up-to-date as possible with respect to how you and your employees may be impacted by changes in Government legislation and regulations.  Regular visits to the web site will keep you informed. In addition, as a client, you will receive ongoing alerts, in an easy to understand, practical, and ready to use format.

Access to an extensive network of health and safety professionals

In the event that your needs extend beyond ergonomics, training and Job Demands Analysis, Optimal Performance has built an extensive network of health and safety professionals – all with excellent reputations within their respective fields.  The Management Team and Field Consultants will be happy to point you in the right direction.

The power of a third party opinion

Our experience has shown us that an ‘expert’/third party opinion is a powerful objective tool to help in workplace ‘disagreements’.  Our consultants provide you and your company with clear, concise, evidence based recommendations and solutions to your ergonomic issues and objective Job Demands Analysis Reports.  We will work with your team to augment your company’s prevention and ergonomics strategies.

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Our Ergonomic Services

OPC specializes in solving ergonomic issues involving your workplace and individual employees. Good ergonomic practices will lead to injury prevention, productive workforces and the overall positive well-being of your employees. We work with your business to create better work environments and effective ergonomic programs.

Our Ergonomic Services include:

Ergonomic Evaluations

OPC assesses your current workspace, employee equipment, furniture and a number of other workplace functions to determine your business’ unique ergonomic needs. A report will outline OPC’s findings and our recommendations to improve your business’ overall ergonomic standards. Benefits of Ergonomic Evaluations include:

  • Expert recommendations for ergonomic improvements in your workspace
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee wellbeing
  • Lower human error rates
  • Compliance with ergonomic regulations

Contact OPC to setup an appointment for an Ergonomic Evaluation or to learn more about our services.

Return to Work Accommodations

We offer expert Ergonomic and Accommodation assessments and other services for employees returning to work after experiencing a workplace injury. OPC’s Return to Work Accommodations will allow your business to:

  • Prevent employee complaints from intensifying
  • Avoid expensive lawsuits and damage to your brand image
  • Prevent workplace injuries
  • Lower human error rates
  • Enrich efficiency and ultimately improve sales

Contact OPC to discuss your business’ needs for Return to Work Accommodations.

Production and Manufacturing Ergonomics

OPC introduces ergonomic practices that address the specific needs of employees working in the production and manufacturing industries. We make sure that your business meets the mandatory standards of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). OPC’s customized Production and Manufacturing Ergonomic programs will:

  • Increase productivity rates
  • Address physical and mental employee tasks involved in the production and manufacturing sectors
  • Meet required industry standards
  • Ensure employee safety and wellbeing

Contact OPC to learn more about OPC’s Production and Manufacturing Ergonomic services.

Office Walk-Thrus

OPC will come to your workplace to do a Walk-Thru survey for a general ergonomic hazard analysis. We will provide you with a general report of our findings and will recommend actions and programs needed to improve your workplace ergonomics. The benefits of OPC’s Office Walk-Thrus include:

  • Understanding your business’ current ergonomic needs
  • Receiving expert recommendations for better ergonomics
  • Providing your employees with better ergonomic equipment, increasing productivity
  • Improving employee health and wellbeing

Contact OPC to setup an Office Walk-Thru today.

Job Demand Analysis

Our Job Demand Analysis services will ensure that your business meets each provinces’ human rights code for example the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC) and Workers’ Compensation Boards (WCB) requirements. OPC uses an approved template to analyze mental, environmental and physical demands of workers. An OPC Job Demand Analysis will allow your business to:

  • Increase hiring rates of disabled employees who accurately reflect current and potential customers
  • Meet mandatory Human Rights Code and WCB standards
  • Access a higher percentage of the workforce
  • Create a diverse workforce
  • Improve your business’ brand image

Contact OPC to discuss a Job Demand Analysis for your business.

Ergonomic and Accessible Design (Design-Build-Move)

OPC offers Ergonomic and Accessible Design services to help your business design work environments that meet ergonomic needs and go beyond the bare minimum. We work with engineers, architects and interiors designers to ensure that structure and internal design meet ergonomic and accessibility standards. OPC helps your business ergonomically design, build and move your work environment. The benefits of Ergonomic and Accessible Design are:

  • Meeting AODA, ADA and Human Rights Code standards
  • Providing your employees with the most efficient and comfortable work environments
  • Increasing employee productivity and wellbeing
  • Planning for accessible building code compliance
  • Becoming an industry leader in accessible workplace design

Contact OPC for a consultation about your new business design.

Furniture Standards Development

OPC offers objective furniture, seating, adaptive technology and equipment recommendations for your business’ Furniture Standards Development. We are not affiliated with furniture and equipment brands or vendors. We also work with your business’ current standards, if available. Our Furniture Standards Development provides your business with:

  • Cost efficient recommendations
  • Confidence that all recommendations are completely objective
  • Expert advice for company-wide ergonomic and accessible equipment standards
  • Fewer workplace injuries and human errors
  • Higher productivity rates

Contact OPC for more information about Furniture Standards Development.

Lunch and Learns

Setup a Lunch and Learn event with OPC to educate and train your employees about ergonomics in your business. These customized ergonomic sessions meet the unique needs of your business and address specific topics you want to cover. Possible topics include:

  • ergonomics
  • injury prevention
  • body mechanics
  • manual materials handling
  • injury management

We will prepare a presentation to include the topics and discussion points that best suit the needs of your business and your employees. Lunch and Learns will provide you and your employees with:

  • a better understanding of workplace ergonomics
  • confidence to enforce recommended ergonomic standards
  • improved employee health and wellbeing
  • enhance cultural adherence to ergonomic practices

Contact OPC to schedule a Lunch and Learn session for your employees.

Train the Trainer

This is a minimum 3.5 hours of hands on training. OPC expert instructors will update your organization on the Ministry of Labour’s Ergonomic Standards for the Office. Design guidelines will be reviewed during this course related to the assessment of Posture, Force, Repetition, Mechanical, Static loads. Environment such as lighting and noise will be reviewed in this course. The course will emphasize current topics and concepts in the field of ergonomics as it relates to the nature of the issues being tracked by your HR team. Our experts will ensure that the participants understand how to use the ergonomic principles related to design including control and/or elimination of ergonomic hazards as per the Ministry of Labour for Ontario, CSA and OPC Inc Standards.

Contact OPC to find out more about our Train the Trainer program.