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Our History

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Since the launch of Optimal Performance in 1990, we have helped all industry types across Canada and the US; from hospitals to super jails; heavy manufacturers to financial companies; government ministries to courier companies; to realize their quality, productivity, prevention and return to work goals.  We have accomplished this through rigorous adherence to evidence based guidelines and the application of quality processes in both ergonomics and in the management of disabilities. In the last 16 years, Optimal Performance has:


  • developed a unique standardized process which guarantees the same ergonomic & disability management results & outcomes for businesses from Fort St. John, BC to St John’s Newfoundland
  • validated and reliability tested standardized ergonomic audit and report systems and case management methods.  Ours is the only firm in Canada to have achieved this level of reliability in the field of ergonomics and disability management
  • used objective and evidence based ergonomic, medical and rehabilitation guidelines to guarantee fairness of results and a more responsible expenditure of capital
  • ensured all consultants and case managers are certified and have the right experience for your organization
  • ensured it is technologically advanced in our use of state of the art software auditing tools and report development and tracking methods