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Disability Prevention

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  • Struggling with issues of increasing costs associated with chronic and age related illnesses?
  • Do you have a handle on the complexity associated with softer illnesses such as “stress related” illness, fibromyalgia and chronic pain?
  • Struggling with increased costs for health benefits and drug benefits?
  • Not sure how to best deal with employees who have a pattern of non-culpable absences of a variable and unpredictable nature?
  • Noticing an increasing number of employees who are present at work but very little or no change in productivity?
  • Is your HR department facing increasing challenges in recruiting and retaining the best talent?
  • Noticing and increasing number of visits, calls and correspondence from the compensation board and human rights lawyers?
  • Does your organization have a concrete, written and evidence based program to manage absence and disability in your workplace?

For your company and your employees, sickness or injury can be a costly proposition, both in financial and human terms.  If you are noticing two or more of the above issues in your workplace, we can help. Our expertise is at your service, wewould be happy to answer any questions you may have and explain to you the process in detail. Just give us a call.

Each medical and rehabilitation professional we refer your employees to will provide the most up-to-date techniques while creating minimal interruption to your business.

We will help you and your employees utilize and understand both public health systems and private care facilities to get the best from both. Plus we have experts well versed in the various government and compensation board practices across Canada who can advise you o n your legal rights as an employer.

We will defend our case management steps and outcomes on your company’s behalf. We have helped thousands of employees to restore their health and resume to being productive employees.