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Ergonomics: The Science For Better Living and Working

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How psychology improves the design of things that people use and the ways in which they work.

Jane Sleeth‘s insight:

Most companies in Canada do not understand the science of ergonomics & in fact almost "fear" it as a cost with limited benefits. I will summarize this in our Blog optimalperformanceblog.com so all companies large & small, industrial & office will see where the real science of ergonomics & human factors design (the only way OPC Inc practices this discipline) comes from, & the many ways in which Ergonomics impacts design from ergonomic design of a classroom to cognitive design for inclusive design elements of an ABM. When your company is ready to engage the services of 1 of the top firms in the country for a solid ROI & strategic approach please contact us at info@optimalperformance.ca 

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