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How the ADA and AODA are directly linked to Workforce Planning

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My response in Linked In to the HR folks in the Hospitality Group regarding the importnat topic of Workforce Planning;  

Many employers are not looking at workforce planning as they try to get thru this double dip recession in Canada and the US. It is critical for employers in North America to see the strong link and the necessity of the ADA (US) and the AODA in Canada (Ontario) relative to workforce planning. Workplaces who have a bona fide diversity strategy in place and in all operational levels will be starting to realize that having human centred design of the workloads, machinery, equipment, work environments will allow older and varied ability level employees remain in the workplace. The ADA and AODA are about the need to remove all barriers which prevent the experienced and excellent employees, irrespective of age and level of ability, to remain with their employers for as long as they continue to be contributing & productive employees.  To learn more about the ROI of human centred design and how this ties in with the ADA and AODA please feel free to read our articles at OptimalPerformanceBlog@Wordpress.com  The Human Centred Design Team at Optimal Performance

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    Thank you for your comment. The Human Rights Complaints and ODA inspections may well whip complacent employers into shape in Ontario JE Sleeth

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    Get ready for the next Phase of the AODA called IASR. This is now going to involve Facility Managers, HR, IT, Purchasing and OH&S in your workplace. Let OPC coordinate the people and bring about successful written plans for submission to the ODA this year.

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