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In case your company is putting off Accessibility Compliance….

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Many private companies and businesses in Ontario either are not aware there are mandatory concrete program elements to be put into place in the workplace regarding Customer Service (AODA Act) or they think there is time on their hands.
Our reminder to you and your firm is this clock as time is running out to put into place both program elements such as Policies and Procedures as well as to ensure ALL of your employees, professionals, contractors and support staff are fully trained in Customer Service and Disability. Your company has just over 7 months to pull this together so we strongly suggest at OPC Inc that you get moving on this.
We are here to help both by auditing your current processes and documentation; in the building of a solid Customer Service Program and Policies; and in providing E Learning style training for every employee in your organization. We can easily be reached at info@optimalperformance.ca or m.daye@optimalperformance .ca and 416 860-0002 or 0004.
Let us help you meet the January 2012 deadline.
The Accessibility Team at Optimal Performance Consultants Inc

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