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Not compliant with AODA? Ignore compliance audit notice at your peril

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There are 500 companies facing AODA compliance orders from the province of Ontario. (Photo: Shutterstock)The Ontario government is cracking down on co…

Jane Sleeth‘s insight:

Only 30% of companies in Ontario are compliant with the AODA’s CSS with even fewer private companies aware of their requirements for the IASR.  At Optimal we would like companies to think less about compliance and more about the economic benefits to their own profits and the Ontario economy in hiring PwD and ensuring access to their goods and services. Want to learn more about these economic benefits and ROI? Read about this topic at optimalperformanceblog.com or plan on attending another of our Seminars co-sponsored by Herman Miller Canada. Contact us to sign up AODA@optimalperformance.ca

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  • optimalperformanceblog

    There needs to be a push for restaurants, hotels, and retail to move along with the AODA as they are all remiss in being in compliance fully with both the CSS, Website design and now the IASR. Amazing how the AODA will increase business for these types of industry esp if they use these principals as best practice, but they are resisting a basic human rights issues. Remember customers with disabilities have money too! JESleeth OPC

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