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Olga Dosis to Deliver; What is Next for the AODA; IAS is Here

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The AODA is here to stay; the Integrated Accessibility Standards are Next

Knoll and OPC are running their quarterly Breakfast Seminar March 13th 8 am-12 pm

One of Canada’s leading authorities on accessibility & the AODA Olga Dosis will review of the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards for Employers in Ontario

For the many employers in Ontario who have not heard about the AODA or are just becoming aware of this, the AODA law was passed in 2005 by the McGuinty government. The overarching goal for the AODA is to create an ‘Accessible Ontario’ for people with disabilities by 2025. This will be achieved through the identification and removal of barriers that exist in society that prevent accessibility to people with all types of disabilities. This will ensure people with disabilities are able to obtain full access to goods, services, accommodations, employment, buildings and premises.

Olga will describe during the breakfast seminar how the legislation will result in the roll out of 5 accessibility standards, each addressing various areas in society including the workplace.

Olga will review the upcoming Integrated Accessibility Regulation which includes the next 3 standards and how employers in Ontario will need to develop a plan this year as to how they will meet the 3 standards;

Olga will help you to head back to your offices knowing what new training initiatives will be required beyond Customer Service training; what the formal Plan must contain to meet the IAR; and to understand who in your organization needs to be involved in the IAS such as IT, Communications, HR and Facilities.

Olga Dosis is OPC Inc’s strategic accessibility consultant and author of the OPC-AODA E learning Tools. Jane E Sleeth is OPC Inc’s ergonomic & universal design consulting expert and author of the newly released Carswell CLV Special Report – Psychological Illness, Mental Health and the Workplace: Canadian Trends and Return to Work Challenges. Jane and Olga can be reached at AODA@OptimalPerformance.caor www.AODA-OPC.com  OPC Inc is a member of IFMA Toronto Chapter, FAMOS and the Toronto Board of Trade.

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