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OPC Inc Releases Innovative OPC-AODA Customer Service E Learn Tool!

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One of the key activities required as part of Ontario’s Customer Service section of the AODA is to provide training to ALL employees including professionals such as Managers, Lawyers, MD’s, Accountants etc. OPC has released an excellent E Learning tool which will allow employers of any size and nature of business to purchase licenses. Each license will allow the employee to learn about the AODA and their role relative to Customer Service in the workplace.
The OPC tool is unique in the marketplace;

It is designed and developed by Olga Dosis one of the leading experts in the area of Accessibility
The tool allows managers to track the progress for each employee and ensure completion of the tool
The tool assures compliance with the mandatory requirement of the AODA for Ontario; and
The tool has tests within the tool which must be completed correctly before the employee can move forward with the learning tool. This ensures learning occurs versus reading a document & stating the training was completed (this method does not guarantee learning has occurred)

If you want to learn more about how this tool will assure compliance with the Customer Service part of the AODA Act Due January 2012 please contact us at OPC 416 860-0002 or info@optimalperformance.ca

JE Sleeth

Olga Dosishttps://www.optimalperformance.ca/

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