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Public Sector Human Resource Management: NEXT WEEK!

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 Effective Recruitment and Management Techniques to Retain Your Most Valuable HR Assets

January 18 and 19, 2011
Optional Workshops: January 20, 2011
Jane Sleeth of Optimal Performance Consultants will be presenting at this event.
Develop and Implement Proactive Approaches in Your Human Resource Department
  • Hear effective employee engagement strategies that made CSIS a top employer in Canada two years in a row
  • Find out how you can leverage social media to facilitate your recruitment process and screen your applicants
  • Learn how Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s internship program continues to draw new sources of talent in the workforce
  • Develop communication strategies to motivate your employees and create positive outcomes
  • Discover how you can retain and transfer knowledge within your agency to prepare for future generations
  • Hear strategies from the Department of Defence in order to look after the mental health of their employees
  • Tailor your succession plan to prepare for the upcoming surge of retirements

This one is coming up fast. Register today while seats are still available.

View the .pdf here.

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