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Sit-stand workstations in the UK

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Recently, I was asked about what employers are doing with sit-stand workstations and this prompted an overview of how I see the UK market at the moment. Whilst subjective, I hope it provides some useful indicators. In the United States, there has been a strong move to 100% sit-stand in new installations. As a result, this has…

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OPC Inc does not represent any lines of furniture or equipment. Therefore we are able to provide a more unbiased approach to the use of S2S. A thorough review of the literature finds:

Increased BP and cardiovascular loads when standing

Increased lower back pain with static standing

Increased loads on the joints of the lower extremities esp for overweight employees

After 6-12 months of implementation of S2S workstations less than 1 in 10 people still use them in a standing posture.

Conclusion – the Qualified ergonomist should review the individual request for S2S workstations & only after careful review of the underlying medical issues; the job demands are measured;, the NIOSH percentage of exposure is calculated and other solutions explored; then and only then should the S2S be considered as a solution.

If used this must be backed up by a formal and active ergonomic program so people use these properly PLUS they engage in regular DYNAMIC movement each and every day at work.

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