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Brilliant!!!!! I am so loving this and may also have fewer people staring at me when I stretch whilst filling up my car or waiting to get on an airplane or in the middle of a meeting. If we can get more of these sorts of postures up and in public we will all be able to convince employees no matter where they work to stand and stretch before working and during the workday. Fitness is not only about putting on the Lu Lu Lemons and working out to pounding music or the sound of some idiot slamming the weights down loudly after each set of 12! It can be and should be for most of us a brisk walk with our newly purchased urban poles for 30 minutes, riding our stationary bike while watching Ellen and Katy (the 2 friendliest faces on TV these days) or it can be running to chase after the ball you just threw to your dog for the 95th time. Fitness can be “done” anywhere and anytime. Let’s get moving says the Ergonomic and Fitness team at Optimal Performance Consultants!

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