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The AODA Consulting Experts at OPC finds the Ministries Guide and Tools will help Small Companies only

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 The Ontario Government Publishes Integrated Accessibility Standards Guide and Compliance Tool

Posted: 01 Aug 2012 11:15 AM by OPC Inc and OPC’s Blog

The Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services has published “A Guide to the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation” dated July 2012. The Integrated Accessibility Standards (IAS) Regulation was made under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. It came into force on July 1, 2011 and affects nearly all organizations in Ontario which our research finds is still a little known fact on the part of private companies across the province both large and small.

The Guide is a basic resource to assist smaller organizations to start to achieve compliance with the

1. general,

2. employment

3 information and communication

4. transportation standards of the IAS Regulation.

In addition, the Ministry has released an online “Compliance Wizard” tool to help organizations prepare a customized schedule of the IAS Regulation’s requirements and deadlines.  A review of this “wizard” on the part of some of our clients and our AODA expert Olga Dosis finds this to be less like a wizard and more like a general tool which will not help companies achieve compliance very readily.

A discussion of the IAS Regulation can be found in our previous Blog with the title IASR last month entitled, “Ontario Government Releases Final Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation under the AODA

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Our E Learning Tool on the CSS is now in English and French. The IASR content regarding the Human Rights Code for Ontario is also ready for purchase. Contact us at AODA@OptimalPerformance to learn more and determine pricing for licence purchases.

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