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The Rally: Rafa's Brain, Part II – Tennis Magazine

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The Rally: Rafa’s Brain, Part II
Tennis Magazine
There are no doubt multiple factors involved. Still, it would not come …

Jane Sleeth‘s insight:

I am Scooping this article as someone who was a tennis professional who completed at a high level for a number of years. This article to me seems like non-evidence based psycho-babble jargon. Not informative at all and it sures has a strong vein of Freudian-speak in it. Such complex musing on the part of the author to me indicates why it is so very difficult for athletes and those others who toil at their crafts at a high level to get proper assistance when it comes time to enhance mental performance. Guys he is an athlete/entertainer who is great at his craft. That’s all.  JESleeth OPC Inc and former Tennis Professional

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