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Buyer Beware; Design and Architectural Firms say they are experts in Accessible Design but are not

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Display from 'The Human Factor', Science Museu...

Display from ‘The Human Factor’, Science Museum, London, 1999. (Photo credit: Science Museum London)

Interesting study which should be of interest to Building Owners/Managers & FM’s in Ontario where both LEED/BOMA Best & the OBC with Accessibility Addendum will collide in 2014 onwards. In between all of the discussion of LEED/BOMA Best and the AODA/OBC might the human factor get left behind?

Not if human factors/ergonomic specialists who take into consideration the capabilities of all building occupants, tenants, employees, visitors and customers.


A cautionary tale as the very architectural & design firms who do not understand the human factor are telling clients they are “experts” on designing for the human factor both physical and mental/cognitive. The fact our practice at Optimal has been in business for over 22 years improving these designs to include the human factor (with 85% of these occurring after the fact which is more costly for businesses) should be a clear indicator as to just how little Architects and Interior Designers know about the human factor in design!

Buyer beware as LEED/Boma Best and the AODA  is moving along at a very fast pace in Ontario.

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JESleeth Managing Director OPC Inc

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