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How to create an ergonomic workspace

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  • Jane Sleeth

    Hi; In case some of you missed this Thompson Carswell You Tube video on how to set up your workstation in the office have a look at this. There are some tips here which will correct assumptions your employees often make about the chair; keyboard trays and the use of armrests in a correct fashion. If you have any questions about the video feel free to contact us at jane@optimalperformance.ca Jane

  • sarah

    Hello Jane – great informative video clip BUT what about the people that have to write or work on papers at the same time as using the keyboard? As an Occ health Physio I found this to be a major problem contributing to shoulder and neck pain and dysfunction symptoms – I developed the Microdesk as a solution http://www.microdesk.info – you might find it a useful resource?RegardsSarah Mahoney MNZSP

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