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Jane Sleeth's response to a Federal Government Survey; RFP's do not work for top Consulting Firms

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How much time and cost is associated with responding to Fed Government RFP’s?

…..My time as owner of OPC at $$$ per hour which should be devoted to client management and revenue generating activities not on long and convoluted RFP’s which we are NEVER successful at landing with the Fed Government or any of its agencies.

  • What are the costs?:
    Cost to hire an RFP expert writer.
    Cost to pay my Admin staff to assist with RFP responses.
    Zero ROI for us in 24 + years of being in business.

At OPC Inc. we believe in developing trusting relationships with our clients & prospective clients. RFP’s do not allow this to occur.

E procurement approaches makes even more certain that Managers who need assistance from external consultants with the Federal Government are that much further away from the human contact that is really required to make working partnerships work.
I understand RFP’s are about looking like things are being fair & transparent – however these should be reserved for very large contracts where corruption and “cheating” can occur.

For smaller specialized consulting and service firms these stringent exercises cause the Fed Gov & its agencies to not work with innovative firms who can really add value.

It is my firm belief as a long term owner of a specialized firm that any government agency and now private companies who rely on Procurement and RFP strategies are commoditizing that which cannot or should not be commoditized.

If we really want the Canadian economy to be more nimble, responsive and innovative RFP’s should be removed from the system and we should get back to working relationships and partnerships that are effective and measureable in their outcomes and contributions.

The opinions expressed in this Blog are that of Jane Sleeth. You can read more about this very important topic in Million Dollar Consulting Proposals by Alan Weiss.

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