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Ontario is Making Major Changes to OH&SA and WSIB; What you need to Know

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Legislative updates for September 29th 2011

In case you have not heard the Province of Ontario has made and is making significant changes to both the Occupational Health & Safety Act and the WSIB Act through Bill 160. We are keeping a close eye on these changes at OPC Inc Ergonomics division as there will be changes in the Act which will impact how MSI type injuries are prevented and managed.

Currently the Minster of Labour is seeking feedback on its Guide for Joint Health & Safety Committees (JHSC) and Representatives in the Workplace slated to be published  int eh spring of 2012 (as if the AODA requirements were not enough change for employers in Ontario!)

Bill 160 amends the province of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act along with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (making the Safety part of the name redundant?).

An important change to note is the Ministry of Labour will now take the lead for accident prevention including ergonomics, from the WSIB.
As well there has occurred an appointment of a new Chief Prevention Officer whose mandate is to coordinate and align the injury and illness prevention system for Ontario.

OPC Inc will continue to monitor these changes through our M of L & WSIB contacts in particular how this will relate to current Soft Tissue Campaigns and on going ergonomic inspection systems and Orders.  We will write updates regularly on our Blog (OPCTODAY), FB, Linked In and Twitter (OPCPhysio) to keep all of our clients, consultants and private sector apprised.

To learn more about the feedback regarding the Guide you can submit feedback to  www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/feedback/guidefeedback.php

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