2016 brings more complex mandatory AODA requirements for ALL employers in Ontario. The requirements – the IASR or Integrated Accessible Standards – will require communication and collaboration with HR, IT, Software & Web Developers, Facility Managers, Maintenance, Space Planners, Interior Designers & Architects, Procurement/Purchasing & Communications/Marketing teams in your organization. As of January 2016 your organizations must ensure recruitment, hiring, training, deployment, performance management, return to work/DM and promotion aspects of the employment relationship taking into account PwD/Employees with disabilities.

Join Optimal Performance Consultants’ expert team in the AODA from strategic experts to built environment auditors to our interior designer on January 27th 2016 for a 2 hour Breakfast Seminar. This will be held at the accessible Steelcase Canada facility in downtown Toronto.

OPC’s seminar will discuss & describe how office & workplace design including office furniture/space planning/seating, and the work environment (noise, temperature, distractions, light) play a critical role in the accommodation of people with various disabilities including the main categories of: Physical/Mobility, Sensory (Hearing and Site), Neurophysiological/Learning/Cognition.

The seminar will be followed with a hands-on tour of the Steelcase showroom and classrooms to ensure attendees understand and can conceptualize how furniture, seating, space planning, the environment & other neurophysiological design factors can enhance human performance for both able-bodied/minded employees and those employees with disabilities.

Seating is limited so we suggest you do not delay in signing up with CARLA  or Jamila at AODA@optimalperformance.ca or 888 768-2106.  You can also sign up with Steelcase via Kathy Smythe or her Education/Seminar Manager.

Included in the seminar will be a free booklet published by Carswell and OPC Inc on how to accommodate employees with disabilities pub 2015 and a sample of the IASR and Human Rights Mandatory Training Slides by OPC Inc’s AODA training leaders.