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Why do 54% of Canadians “fake” sick time?

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According to a recently published survey by Angus Reid on behalf of Kronos, 54% of Canadians admit to “faking” sick time.
Nearly two-thirds of those who admitted to faking sick time (65%) indicated that they did so because they were feeling stressed, while 35% did so to take care of a sick child.
An additional 13% faked illness due to overwork and 12% admitted to calling in sick because they felt they did have not enough vacation time.

Time for Human Resources and Managers to realize that employees are not taking all of their vacation time, or when they do take vacation they take their laptops or smart phones with them to stay in touch with the office.

The cumulative effect is found in the statistics. Canadian workers are not dishonest. The Sick Leave programs are outdated and do not provide enough restorative rest for employees. A lack of Policy or respect for a Policy about the use of technology outside of work at night or during holidays should also be reviewed by HR Departments and Managers.

Employees who do not feel energized at work or report “burn out” are not productive to work teams or the company. To learn more about this topic and the solutions for this the Return to Work Compliance Toolkit published by Carswell, Authored by JESleeth is an up to date and cost effective resource. Carswell.com to order and solve the issue of 54% of Canadian’s “admitting” to faking sick time.

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